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Photo of Kit Reed Learn the power of words in a world completely made of words. Wesleyan University's Resident Writer, novelist Kit Reed talks with writers and a select group of alums workshop stories in this unique online community, StoryMOO. Discussions unfold in a text-based environment where writers get together to talk about their work in a dynamic, informal setting. On StoryMOO, writers who live on different coasts-- or continents-- in different time zones can get together to workshop their fiction in real-time. Logging on from different parts of the country, they post notes on each other's stories on a list on StoryMOO called *wes a day or so before they sit down together to talk about what makes a story work. The magic of online synchronicity makes it possible for people who live too far away to meet offline to get together in cyberspace. In this real-time workshop, the only thing that matters is the stories themselves, and what the writers have to say about their, and others' fiction. Inaugurated in l998, StoryMOO is a supportive virtual community with a life of its own.

Called "one of our brightest cultural commentators" by Publishers Weekly, Kit Reed has two books coming within the year, The Night Children a novel for young adults set in the MegaMall, the world's largest shopping complex, and Enclave, which takes place in an abandoned abbey on a mountainous island near Greece. Recent books by Kit Reed include The Baby Merchant, Thinner Than Thou and the short story collection, Dogs of Truth.

The Cover of Reed's New Book

When you first connect to StoryMOO, you'll find yourself in Dream Plaza.
It looks like this:

You are standing in the center of a dusty plaza where words rule and everything is slightly strange. Writers meet here to talk about their work. Welcome to StoryMOO, Wesleyan's world made out of words. If you are in any doubt about what to do, type HELP ME.
The plaza is lined with adobe buildings with red tile roofs. Some are empty, some are already occupied. In addition to the building marked RedWriter's Place you see the Semiotic Detective Agency and the House of 3. Roads lead out of the four corners of the square into a fluid, changeable landscape. It is waiting to be explored and colonized.

On the west side of the square, you see the door to RedWriter's Place, where Kit Reed can be found. If you're in any doubt about how to get around, type HELP ME MORE.

It's easy to get to StoryMOO. Just click on the hot link and follow the login instructions below.

Connect to StoryMOO: Login as: story with password: star123 .

At StoryMOO screen type Connect Guest.

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